Research Coordinators

Paola Caporossi is President of the Public Rating Agency (assessment of PAs, civic empowerment and participation), She also is director of Fondazione Etica (innovation of the public system, social impact innovation). She also works with Anci (Italian Municipality Association), Open Government Forum, municipalities and regions. She got recognition by the Group of States against Corruption (European Council) and by Confindustria (Italian Industry Association). She works worked with CNR (Italian National Research Council), CENSIS (Studies Center of Social Investments), Mission of the Holy See at United Nations.
Graduated cum laude in Political Sciences at the University of Florence, she made post graduate studies at Rutgers University (Usa) and at the Institut des Ètudes Politiques (France). She also was Visiting Scholar at Columbia University with Giovanni Sartori.


Giovanni Vetritto, senior civil servant, in charge at the Italian Presidency of Council of Ministers since 2000, he became Director General in 2013.
Graduated in Law at the University La Sapienza of Rome, he specialized at the National School of Public Administration. He served in top-level posts in the Central Public Administration. He also was staff chief of the Italian Minister for Cohesion (2011-2013).
He has worked on local development and effective use of the European Structural Funds.
He is member of the Steering Committee of Critica liberale, a foundation and a monthly liberal journal. He also is member of the Scientific Committee of Associazione F.S. Nitti and of Fondazione Nitti.