History of European democracy

Our goal is to reconstruct the History of European democracy from the end of the Second World War until the outbreak of the current economic crisis.
We want to analyze the several challenges European countries have faced placing them in the international scenario in which they were embedded, both the Cold War and the Post Wall era.
We follow national and supranational history focusing on the way they promote the internal democratization process from the political, economic, social and cultural perspective. Our major topics of research will embrace transition processes: from the fascist regimes to democracy at the end of the Second War, from the authoritarian regimes in the Seventies, and from the communist regimes after the dissolution of Soviet Union.
We want to understand which factors contributed to the state of democracy today in the Old Continent as a whole. Which is the relations between nationalism and supranationalism inside the different countries? How did they cope with the transformation of the political cultures of XIX century? How they face globalization?
Our focus will take into account Continental, Southern, Central and Eastern Europe. We will investigate the role of leadership, political parties, the constitutional process, the interaction between economic and political factors, domestic and foreign policy, cultural diplomacy and we will a promote our researches in a comparative perspective.