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Projects Portfolio

Some news about the projects that LabGov is carrying out in Italy to support administrations, businesses and non-profit organizations to embrace social, civic and public innovation; collaborative economy; urban commons regeneration:

  • The first year the laboratory focused on urban commons, which is a field of study developed by professor Christian Iaione (here and here are two relevant publications). Based on these studies, he wrote “City as a commons” that has been the background study for a project developed with the City of Bologna and co-drafted the Regulation on collaboration for the care and regeneration of urban commons. The Regulation is a model of administration centered on collaboration among public, private, third sector, universities and citizens. At the time being the project is managing the implementation of the Bologna Regulation and the drafting and signing of Collaboration Pacts. More information is available here. On the basis of an agreement between the City of Bologna (Giacomo Capuzzimati, general manager of the City, Matteo Lepore, Commissioner to Communication and Economic Development, Luca Rizzo Nervo, Commissioner to decentralization, Anna Rita Iannucci, director of the Department of Institutional Affairs, Donato Di Memmo, coordinator of the Office for Active Citizenship in the City of Bologna) and Fondazione Monte di Ravenna and Bologna (particularly with prof. Marco Cammelli that is the person who has given impetus to the whole process by supporting the research). In May 2016 it has been launched a new public policy, called “Collaborare è Bologna” [To Collaborate is Bologna], that has been designed and will be assisted by LabGov;
  • The second year, thanks to the support of the Chamber of Commerce of Mantova, the topic of the lab was  focused on the cultural commons material and immaterial, such as knowledge,, traditions etc.. as a driver of local development.  The project has been approved by the Chamber of Commerce of Mantua, with the aim of realizing collaborative governance scheme for a commons-oriented local development, named CO-Mantova;
  • With the City of Battipaglia (and in particular with Gerlando Iorio, vice-prefect and chairman of the prefectural commission established after the dissolution of the city council for Camorra infiltration) LabGov is working to define the strategic lines of the City Urban Planning, shaping it on the ground of the principles of collaboration for the commons, emphasizing in particular the environment and agriculture as main aspects of the territorial vocation. On this project,  carried out  with starchitect Massimo Alvisi and joung architects of the first RenzoPianoG124 group, it has been developed  a  "organized legality pact" in order to reach a collaboration pact for legality that should accompany the implementation of the City urban planning; The project is available on the CO-Battipaglia website;
  • In the city of Palermo, LabGov is working with a group of social innovators who have recovered an ancient tuna fishery and are incubating a start-up on collaborative urban mobility, in addition to other collaborative projects on Sicilian cultural heritage. The project will consist in the production of a public policy based on a resolution and/or a city regulation aiming at fostering a polycentric and collaborative urban mobility ecosystem.
  • LabGov is currently working on building a project for the city of Rome.

On the 6th and 7th of November 2015, in partnership with Fordham University Urban Law Center, LabGov will organize the 1st IASC – International association for the study of the commons - Thematic Conference on urban commons “The city as a commons. Reconceiving Urban Space, Common Goods And City Governance”. The conference will take place in Bologna, Italy, in collaboration with The City of Bologna, Fondazione del Monte di Ravenna e Bologna, the International Center on Democracy and Democratization, LUISS Guido Carli University, the Urban Law Center, Fordham University and the Commons Strategies Group. The international scientific committee is composed, among others, by prof. Leonardo Morlino (LUISS University and ICEDD director), Sheila Foster (Fordham University and Urban Law Center co-director), Prof. Christian Iaione (LabGov coordinator), Prof. Tine de Moor (Utrecht University and IASC President).