OSI – international security

The Observatory on International Security (Osservatorio sulla Sicurezza Internazionale) is working on two researches. The first research focuses on the comparative analysis of the jihadist attacks in order to determine Isis and Al-Qaeda’s capacities to penetrate Western cities, through studying their weapons, cells and combat tactics. The second research focuses on studying the lives of all the terrorists who succeeded in carrying out a massacre or a murder in Western cities in the name of Isis or Al-Qaeda, in order to determine if there are common or typical paths toward jihadist radicalization.

The Observatory on International Security, through its website “Sicurezza Internazionale”, collects and publishes information on security in 60 Countries on a daily basis, thanks to the work of conference interpreters and translators of Arabic, Chinese, English, German, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Urdu. Every Sunday, “Sicurezza Internazionale” publishes a study on the status of terrorism in a specific Country.