Political Risk Unit

The purpose of the research unit on political risk is to advance the understanding of political risk to the advantage of practitioners in both the public and private sectors. The goal is to make the notion of political risk more scientifically sophisticated while keeping a practice-oriented relevance.
The notion of political risk has been traditionally used by private consultants and economists to assess the degree of risk that FDI run. We believe that there is margin for improvement in both the theorization and operationalization of the concept by using the most up-to-date tools provided by political science research. Specifically, by taking advantage of the theoretical tools available in the academic disciplines of comparative politics and international relations, we aim to develop a better understanding of political risk.
The research carried out by the unit is developed in continuous dialogue with external partners including corporations, credit agencies, insurance firms, banks, relevant ministries, and all the other private and public bodies that are relevant stakeholders on the issue of foreign investment and assessment of political risk.